Priority Habitats

The FBA hosts the ‘Discovering Priority Habitats in England’ website on behalf of Natural England, in association with academic, NGO and agency partners interested in restoring natural habitat function in our lakes and rivers.

Focusing on priority habitats forms a portion of the UK’s commitment to the International Convention on Biodiversity. Rivers and lakes make up a unique and poorly supported component of our priority habitats. While the state and condition of large water bodies in the UK is fairly well understood, we know very little about the health of our small waterbodies i.e. streams, headwaters and small lakes. We believe that local individuals are in the perfect position to collect data for these smaller freshwaters that surround their homes, and to help us to better understand our country’s priority habitats. By submitting simple and easy to collect naturalness data, our citizen scientists will form a network of individuals across England. They will work to discover new priority habitats, prioritise conservation action, and direct restoration work for damaged freshwater habitats. 

We, alongside Natural England, have been working to create space that is devoted exclusively to collecting data on good and poor quality freshwater habitats. To get involved in this project, please visit the ‘Discovering Priority Habitats in England’ website.

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