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The FBA offers a number of career pathways for those interested in freshwater and otherwise. Have a look below at some of our current employee testimonials, to see some examples of what working at the Freshwater Biological Association is like! 

Dr. Louise Lavictoire

Freshwater Mussel Reintroductions Research Officer
Appointed: 2019

"Joining the FBA in my early career, I became involved in the Freshwater Pearl Mussel Project at its inception in 2007.  I began working on captive breeding of the freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera), as well as a variety of other mussel-related projects. The FBA then sponsored me through my PhD, looking at biological development in juvenile mussels, when I realised that I had to learn more about what makes mussels tick if I was going to really help turn their fortunes around in the UK. Not long after finishing my PhD I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to research freshwater mussel feeding mechanisms in Missouri, USA. I left the FBA and my beloved mussel babies behind, spending 9 months researching North American mussel species and learning about a range of mussel captive breeding techniques. I then returned to the UK to work with Natural England on freshwater designated sites in Cumbria before being appointed to my current role carrying out research on reintroduction techniques. I find my job really fascinating and enjoy working with other like-minded colleagues in partner organisations such as West Cumbria Rivers Trust, United Utilities, Natural England and the Environment Agency. It’s fantastic working together with the team at the FBA and the wider project steering group to bring about real improvements for freshwater mussel populations in England."

Lesley Hadwin

Business Manager
Appointed: 2017

"I first encountered the FBA as a child. An exciting school trip brought us to this imposing mansion on the shores of Windermere. Inside fabulous 3D exhibits, housed in grand rooms guided us through the strange and exotic fish, flora and fauna to be found within the deep waters of our lakes and rivers. When the opportunity arose to visit again as a potential Office manager, I was eager to do so. I was lucky enough to be offered the job and after two and a half years still count myself lucky. Now as business manager no two days are the same. I work within a fantastic team of diverse individuals who bring different skills together, giving life to the FBA's vision. We encounter interesting and very knowledgeable people on our journey and with their help, train others, make that knowledge available through our publications and website, and build a like minded membership who all have the interests of freshwater and its fascinating flora and fauna at heart."

Tracy Fawcett

Administration & Finance Assistant 

Appointed: 2018

"Working at the FBA is a refreshing change from any other job I’ve had, at times challenging but always in a happy, warm, relaxed atmosphere with a great team spirit between my colleagues. I have learned many new skills during my short time here and been enlightened to topics I never knew existed, this has certainly made me more aware and given me a better understanding and knowledge of the ecology and conservation of my surroundings."

Martin Shepherd

Facilities Manager

Appointed: July 2016

"The work is varied and interesting with a healthy degree of autonomy. The opportunity to spend time working outside is a plus at both the Windermere site and the River Lab site in Dorset. FBA has encouraged me to get involved in the Ark scientific project which has been a great experience, but above all, the colleagues I work with coupled with the location of the site make working for the FBA a pleasure."