Professor Suzanne McGowan: Red, orange, green: reading the pigment warning signals in lake sediments

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Suzanne is a Professor of Freshwater Sciences at the University of Nottingham, and a Research Associate at the British Geological Survey. She has been a member of the FBA since she was a PhD student and was recently appointed as a new FBA fellow.    

Suzanne says:

"Chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments from algae and other phototrophic organisms preserved in lake sediments can give a fascinating long-term perspective of water quality and environmental changes in lakes. I have applied these approaches across a wide range of lake ecosystems to investigate, for example, carbon cycling in Arctic lakes, eutrophication impacts in sub/tropical lakes in China and the Philippines and, closer to home for the FBA, human impacts on Windermere over recent centuries. I am particularly interested in understanding patterns of temporal changes across multiple ecosystems on a landscape-scale as a way of understanding the long-term drivers of lake water quality changes.  "

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