Alan Hildrew
Freshwater ecologist with a special interest in rivers and streams, and ecosystem processes.

London, UK
Email: [email protected]

Alan’s research focusses on the ecology of stream organisms, ecosystem processes and neighbouring fields. His approach is based on natural history, having published taxonomic keys and life-history of invertebrates, but his long-term observations have been used to test general ecological theory and application. He advocates a more prominent ‘place in the sun’ for research on fresh waters and their conservation. Alan was Chairman of the Council of the Freshwater Biological Association from 1999 to 2010, and its President 2010-2011. He edited Freshwater Biology for 32 years (1982-2014).

Alan Hildrew is currently a Professor Emeritus of Ecology at Queen Mary London and Research Fellow of the Freshwater Biological Association. He won the International Ecology Institute’s prize for Limnetic Ecology in 2012 and his subsequent book (Freshwater acidification: natural history, ecology and environmental policy) was published in 2018. Presently he is writing a further book on streams and rivers and works on pathways for the uptake of methane-derived carbon into freshwater food webs.