Michelle Jackson
Associate professor of Freshwater Ecology

Oxford, UK
Email: [email protected]

Michelle completed her PhD at Queen Mary University of London in 2012 and worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher for eight years at three different universities (Bournemouth University, UK; University of Pretoria, South Africa; Imperial College London, UK) before joining The University of Oxford in September 2019 as an Associate Professor of Freshwater Ecology. 

Michelle’s research aims to understand, predict and manage the effects of anthropogenic stressors, such as climate change, species invasions and pollution, on animal and plant communities. She is particularly interested in the food web mediated effects of multiple interacting stressors. Most of her research is in streams and rivers, spanning from the Arctic, to South Africa, to Antarctica. She is Secretary of the British Ecological Society Aquatic Group and an Honouree Researcher at the Centre for Invasion Biology, Stellenbosch University and the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity.