Freshwater Leeches of Britain & Ireland

Freshwater Leeches of Britain and Ireland: Keys to the Hirudinea and a Review of their Ecology

In this new and updated edition of an identification key to freshwater leeches, this volume is an extensive advancement from the last version which was published in 1979, and manages to be an approachable publication for those less acquainted with the leech. The nomenclature has been revised and the keys to species have been ere-organised in a more logical fashion, accompanied by clear and concise images in order to assist you in your identification efforts. The ecology section, which has proved so useful in the previous edition, has been enlarged with the addition of over 200 references. Included in this publication is a checklist of all the leech species within Britain and Ireland, as well as a list of potential non-native species that could be encountered when out in the field. As well as a Key to Families, there is a set of keys which allow you to identify to species level. A detailed and comprehensive section on the ecology of leeches ensures that the reader will be well acquainted with all facets of British and Irish leeches.

The distinctive body morphology all leech species ensures that there are few other organisms with which they may be confused, although leeches attract a mixed response from those that encounter them. However, it is the hope of the authors that users of this guide will come to recognise that leeches are fascinating ‘worms of character’, an idea supplemented by this enticing guide.

(This book was produced thanks to a grant from The Fishmongers Company.)

Author: J.M. Elliott & Michael Dobson
Published By: FBA, 2015
Format: Softcover, 246 x 171mm, 108 pages
ISBN: 9780900386824
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