Case-bearing Caddis Larvae

Keys to the Case-bearing Caddis Larvae of Britain and Ireland

This extensive guide is an updated version of a previously published case-bearing caddis larvae guide from 1990. This newer edition offers clarification in areas where it was deemed necessary, while still offering a key to all 12 families of caddisfly larvae, as well as a key to all species in Britain and Ireland. Also included is a checklist of species as a well as protocol for collection and preservation of larvae in the interest of further examination. The detailed and well-labelled images included in this comprehensive volume offer even more assistance towards the effort of identification. This guide is ideal for those interested in identifying and becoming familiar with Case-bearing caddis larvae whether or not the use is familiar with the group.

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Author: I.D. Wallace, B. Wallace & the late G.N. Philipson
Published By: FBA, 2003
Format: Softcover, size A5, 259 pages
ISBN: 9780900386701
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