Statistical Analysis

SP25 Statistical Analysis
Some Methods for the Statistical Analysis of Samples of Benthic Invertebrates Ever necessary when completing in-depth examinations of population dynamics, statistics have remained consistently relevant for use within the field of biology. However, it is often found that the prospect of their use is met with distaste. This guide focuses on statistics specifically for the biologist, and is designed to be approachable for the non-statistician. Included are relevant types of statistical tests that will allow for the in-depth examination of freshwater benthic invertebrates and their population composition. Basic statistical terms and definitions are present for reference with the detailing indices of dispersion, parametric and non-parametric methods for quantitative comparison, frequency distributions, spatial dispersion of a population, and the precision of the sample mean. It is hoped that this guide will allow biologists to feel at ease with statistical analysis when it becomes required within their work.

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Author: J.M. Elliott
Published By: FBA Second edition, 1977 (reprinted 1993)
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