Caddisfly Adults of Britain & Ireland
Caddisfly Adults of Britain & Ireland

This new guide, which is derivative of T.T Macan’s ‘A Key to the Adults of British Trichoptera’ has been written with the intent to introduce those with a strong interest, but little experience in the identification of caddisflies. Perfect for those who wish to become familiarised with different caddisfly families prior to ventures in the identification of species level keys, this book is a fitting accompaniment for caddisfly fieldwork. Included is this succinct book is a checklist of the caddisfly species within Britain and Ireland for a complete look at the possible species that may be found.

Beginning with a preliminary key and continuing with the main identification keys, this guide will direct the reader to the information section of the book which provides facts to accurately confirm the identification made using the keys.
The caddisflies are often regarded as a challenging group to identify; while the larvae of caddisflies can be found in most freshwater habitats, the adults present difficulties with regards to categorising and identifying, due to some short periods on wing and, their being active at night time. It is hoped this guide will allow the user to complete precise and consistent family level identifications. This newest publication from the Freshwater Biological Association is sure to be of great assistance to those who are excited to discover the variation amongst Britain and Ireland’s caddisfly species.

Author: Stuart Crofts
Published By: FBA/FSC
Format: PaperBack
ISBN: 978 0 900386 83 1
Description: An identification guide to Caddisfly Adults (Trichoptera) of Britain and Ireland By Stuart Croft
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