Congratulations to FBA Fellow, Lorraine Maltby, honoured in the prestigious 2021 New Year Honours List  

FBA Fellow, Lorraine Maltby has been honoured by Her Majesty The Queen in the 2021 New Year Honours List.

This year, 1,239 people with different backgrounds and experiences, have been awarded in the list of New Year Honours in recognition of their extraordinary contributions and services across the United Kingdom.

FBA Fellow, Professor Lorraine Maltby, Professor of Environmental Biology in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, and Deputy Vice-President for Research at the University of Sheffield, was awarded an OBE - Officer of the Order of the British Empire for her long and unstinting service to Environmental Biology and Animal and Plant Sciences.

Aiming to solve some of the biggest challenges facing our planet, Lorraine’s research aims to understand the effects of environmental pollutants on ecosystems and the consequences for biodiversity and human wellbeing. This understanding is used to inform environmental policy and regulation, enabling people to enjoy the many societal and health benefits of chemicals (e.g. pesticides, personal care products, plastics, pharmaceuticals) whilst minimising their negative effects on the environment.

Lorraine is Co-Director of a new Doctoral Training Centre (ECORISC) that will train a future generation of scientists that understands the impact of chemicals on the planet and who can use their knowledge to manage and develop sustainable chemicals that promote people’s health and wellbeing, support economic development and protect our environment.

Alongside this work Lorraine holds influential positions in national and international research societies and committees. Lorraine is an elected Fellow of the Freshwater Biological Association, an elected Fellow of the Society of Environmental Toxicology of Chemistry (SETAC), a trustee of the Freshwater Habitats Trust and a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC).

Having served on UK advisory committees for hazardous chemicals and for pesticides, and on working groups of the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA), Lorraine has also held science-policy fellowships with both the UK and Scottish governments and is Past President of SETAC Europe and was the Founding World President of SETAC.

Professor Lorraine Maltby said:
"The award was totally unexpected and I am delighted that my contributions to Environmental Biology and Animal and Plant Sciences have been recognised in this way. The honour is a reflection of all the friendship and support I’ve had throughout my career. It is a testament to my family who nurtured and guided me, to my teachers and lecturers who encouraged and believed in me, to an education system that supported me with free higher education and a full grant, and last but by no means least, to my students and colleagues who inspired and motivated me."

Lorraine added: "The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the interdependencies between human health and wellbeing and the natural environment into sharp relief. The roles of ecosystems as reservoirs of human disease, modifiers of disease transmission and as sources of enhanced wellbeing have become much more evident, highlighting the need for them to be more prominent in post-Covid-19 environmental policy and management."

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