A New Key to the Freshwater Bryozoans of Britain, Ireland and Continental Europe, with Notes on their Ecology

This completely new key by T. S. Wood and B. Okamura recognises 19 species and removes two of the 14 species listed by S. P. Mundy in the earlier key published by the FBA in 1980. Introductory sections deal with multiple aspects of bryozoan biology: general structure, life history, feeding, population biology, predation and parasitism, evolution, historical studies, methods for collection and preservation, and microscopic examination. The key for identification to species is based on colony shape and form, and microscopic examination of asexually-produced statoblasts, meaning that this key can be used successfully in the lab as well as the field. A section of taxonomic and ecological notes provides additional information to aid identification with the key, and briefly describes the distribution and relative rarity of each species. Colony shapes and general features are also illustrated with a series of photographs. Key characters are profusely illustrated with line-drawings, supported by micrographs obtained by scanning electron microscopy which show the detailed surface structures of statoblasts. Colony shapes and general features are also illustrated with a series of photographs in order to ensure accurate identification. The great detail in this publication is perfect for those who wish to become adept and comfortable in the identification of bryozoans of Britain, Ireland and Continental Europe.

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Author: T.S. Wood & B. Okamura
Published By: FBA, 2005
Format: Softcover, size A5, 113 pages
ISBN: 9780900386725
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