Coarse Fish Larvae
Keys to Larvae and Juvenile Stages of Coarse Fishes from Fresh Waters in the British Isles

This guide is designed to be a tool in the identification of a challenging group; coarse fish of the British Isles. These 26 species of fish can be difficult to identify due to the varying changes occurring during morphogenesis. Coarse fish are defined in this guide as ‘all freshwater fish that spawn in freshwater except for those possessing an adipose fin’. Identification is made easier through the use of keys to 5 core developmental stages of coarse fish: free embryos, young larvae, intermediate larvae, older larvae, and young juveniles. Colour photographs comparing life stages of species, and finely detailed line drawings are accompanied by efficient dichotomous keys in order to give the reader as many tools as possible in their identification efforts. Designed for efficient use, this guide is certain to make a potentially difficult identification task much more accessible.

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Author: A.C. Pinder
Published By: FBA, 2001
Format: Softcover, size A5, 136 pages
ISBN: 9780900386671
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